Saturday, January 3, 2015

Let's Recap

I can't believe that 2014 is now behind us and a new chapter awaits to be written.... wow, where has the year gone? As I look back and ponder the past year, I am continually overwhelmed with how good God has been to us and the continual showers of blessings He pours out.

My heart is overwhelmed.

A year ago I never would have imagined what would have unfolded in such a short time. We have had our share of pain and heart ache, non that we would choose and yet He has been there for us the whole time. We have also had countless joys and happiness as well..... it has been a GOOD year.

I was planning on doing a Thanksgiving/Christmas post but instead I've decided to do a recap in pictures of some highlights of 2014.


 Definitely one of the highlights in January was going
to the 'Twelfth Night Ball' at Old Fort Niagara -
it was such a fun and beautiful evening!

I just love this picture of the girls
playing recorders together


My baby turned 1!!

Driveway sledding

Playing together


 Celebrating buying our first home!

Lots of work to be done....

My painting buddies

First haircut


Princess Poof

One last visit to my family's house
before I moved south

2nd year of tapping

Window faces!


Packing and more packing!

Sad goodbyes

Let's get the show on the road!

Goodbye Pennsylvania

First time seeing Daddy after 3 whole weeks!


Sunday naps are best when cuddling!
I love her arm on his neck!

Big helpers

Visits to the lake

 Welcome to our new house guests!

I love living by my sisters!


Evening 4-square matches

 Celebrating 4 wonderful years together

Many mornings spent at the park nearby

 Stay at home date night

Summer evening ice cream trips


Hillary and Jonathan bought a house and
we helped them fix it up a bit

Cool rain on a hot day

Snuggles for all.... especially the crabby ones ;)

Lots of grape juicing!!

Their big move


Surprise visit back north! 

Family Fall traditions at the cider mill in NY

Back home and the projects continue

Happy 3rd Birthday!!

More guests and days at the lake


Feedings at the fish hatchery

My snuggle bug

Beautiful Fall walks

 A gash and a trip to Urgent Care

Crazy painting....


Chicken butchering

Family visits and reading with Granny Sue

Princess cousins

Talent show.....

Grammy and Poppy with all the grand babies


A special recorded book from Grammy and
Poppy about the Christmas story

Sister tea time

Snow DOES occasionally exist here!

 Cut out cookies

So that was our year wrapped up in some pictures!
We are so thankful for every moment and memory
we made this year and look forward to 2015!!

Happy New Year!!