Monday, March 3, 2014

Un-paper towels

For some time I had been wanting to make something I found on Pinterest..... un-paper towels! Having two little ones I feel like I go through a good amount of paper towels and this would be a great money saving alternative. I am happy with the way they turned out as they are not only a cute addition to the
kitchen but also very economical. :)

{My choice of fabric.... two different cotton
tops and terry cloth back}

{I wanted it to fit on a paper towel roll so I just
used the paper towel for size}

{My stack is cut and ready to sew!}

{Putting the snaps on is the fun part!}

{Of course a cup of hot chai to keep me moving}

{Time to roll 'em up!}

{Walah! Simple and cute!}

Friday, February 21, 2014

our BIG news...

I am so excited to share this news with you, my readers!
I'm sure that the first thing that popped into your
head is that a baby is on the way again.....


The big news is actually that we bought a house!
And now for the shocker - it's in Missouri!!!
Yes, you read that right.

I have to share the whole story because it has been so
amazing to see the Lord work out the details!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

James and I had been praying about moving for some time now. Even though we both love the beauty of the state of Pennsylvania and the east coast, we knew that it was not where we wanted to raise our children. We currently live in one of the worst homeschooling states, and not to mention all the other laws that are quickly getting tight like gun laws for one. Also, with the direction that our country is headed, we wanted to be in an area that has a longer growing season so that we can be more self sufficient.

All that said, we had our eye on Missouri and decided to ask the Lord to give us direction. In order for it to happen, there had to be several things come into play first - like a job, church, house, we didn't want to go into debt - and how it was all going to happen was beyond us. But we serve a great God that is bigger than us and can orchestrate our plans even better than we can imagine if we let Him take control.

So recently James decided to look on Craigslist to see if he could find a house for rent or something in the Missouri area. He came across an add that was listing a house at an unbelievably LOW price. When he inquired about it, he found out that the man was going to be "auctioning off" the house in a few days and whoever was the highest cash buyer would get the house -
no matter the price. 

It all seemed a little sketchy and too good to be true so we did some investigating and lots of phone calls. Sure enough, this was legitimate. Someone offered to drive over to see the house with a man who builds houses and of course we took him up on it. Foundation and everything is solid.

So Thursday came and we eagerly awaited for this auction to begin! The bidding stayed within our cash limits and we won the house! We were so excited!!!

So this is the house! The picture is from a few years back but it is the best shot we have of it. The inside needs new paint, carpets, kitchen and bathroom but even if we fix it up to sell again, we can easily make our money back!

It is a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home on about 2 acres. There are two churches on our road and the the town is quite small but the people we have contacted have all been
extremely helpful and kind. :)

It is so amazing to see the Lord provide, when we were willing to pray and trust Him to work out the details! A house, a church, no debt, not far from my sister..... WOW! Now the only thing that needs to fall into place is a job which is in the
process of being worked out.

So that's our BIG and exciting news. {grin}

Sunday, February 16, 2014

She turns one....

Our happy little Tirzah Joy turned one last week and I still can't believe it! Where has the year gone?! So much has happened and I feel like she should only be 8 or 9 months.


I have to say that this is one of my favorite ages as they are learning and growing so quickly! It has been so fun to see her starting to walk, ding puzzles, learning to use crayons, etc!

Here's to our sunshine, the child of many faces -
Happy Birthday!!! :D

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

This Dusy Blog....

Hi! It's me! The blog that you used to follow that probably doesn't have any followers any more! I decided that I really should blog more often because I DO enjoy it....
I just, haven't lately.


So here I am. To catch you up in a few words and a smattering of pictures and to capture the past two months while it has been silent here. Our December has been quite busy with some good and also some not so good and I'm not really sure where to start but here we go....

My big 2 year old loves to learn and is having
fun trying her hand at some new projects!

 This girl would take a bath everyday if I let her...

...and this one too! I have two fishies on my hands!

In November we were in NY for a wedding and my sister
was one of the bridesmaids. Here's the two of us with
our babies.... they are going to be one year
apart (give or take a few days or weeks!)

We had the privilege of being there at the same time as
my other sister from AR and we played a hilarious
game of Minute To Win It on Thanksgiving day! 

Get the quarters out of the stockings....

... trying to get a cookie from your forehead to
your mouth is NOT easy but is so funny to watch!!

Stack the nuts...

...stack the cups....

...thread the noodles and a few more that
I don't have pictures of!


These four munchkins are all cousins and all born
withing 3 months of each other. :) 

More cousins!!!

I love seeing my little ones enjoying music and watching
them reach for the piano and strike a few keys
for the first time is so exciting. :)

 This was supposed to be our family Christmas picture that
was sent out this year but {ehem} we didn't get to it.

EVERYTHING promptly goes in the mouth.

And I had to throw this one in. Even though she is
crying I think she looks so cute! Ha!

These next few pictures may explain why our family christmas
picture never made it out..... we ended up in the ER with
Tirzah because she couldn't breath. Pneumonia.We spent 3
days in the Pediatric ICU and another day in the hospital.
Ugg!! Scariest thing I have ever lived through and something
that I never want to experience again! Two times in the ER
within 2 months - how can this be?! Anyways, I had a lot more
pictures but very sadly, my phone lost them all so the only ones I
have to prove that we were actually in are the ones I sent
to a few people.

Here she is, smiling for one of the first times and it
made me cry I was so happy! Though we were in for 4 days,
the following two weeks were just as scary at times with
full body rashes, nebulizer breathing treatments and all.

 I was VERY thankful to be out by Christmas. I managed to scrape
these together with the energy I could muster. Cinnamon rolls
on Christmas morning has been a tradition in my family for
YEARS - so it must go on!

If you are in need of the most amazing cinnamon rolls EVER,
please ask me for the recipe. You won't be sorry.
I just advise you not to eat them often! ;)

 Our attempt at a tripod family Christmas picture.

 I think Tirzah enjoyed the wrapping paper more than anything. :)

 Seeing my girls like this makes my heart sing!

And this was so sweet as James played the piano, Verity
went and got her recorder to play along too. :)

More Minute To Win It at our youth Christmas party!

 When you've had pneumonia and mommy makes you
hibernate inside, this is the best way to go sledding.....

 ... or just to relax. :) (I found them like this!)

When we were back up in NY to celebrate Christmas a few
weeks ago, my parents went with us to an old fashioned
ball at Old Fort Niagara! It was SO. MUCH. FUN. 


 We did a whole meal of fondu - appetizer, main meal
and dessert. If you have never done it, you must!
Not only is it a lot of fun but is also very delicious!!!

 We also threw a shower for my sister while I was up
(talk about a busy week!!) I wasn't able to get many
pictures but here are a few.

 Cheesecakes for dessert!!!

 And cake pops!

 For this game, everyone had to guess if she is having
a boy or a girl and guess the weight. Then pin it to
the date you think she will have the baby!
Obviously we don't know who won yet. :)

 Hmm, boy or girl?!

And for the last picture, here is the face that brightens
every day of mine. I am SO thankful for the
health the Lord has given to her!!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So this post ended up with way too many pictures
and I guess I should have split it up. Oh well!
There you go, now you are caught up! :D